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A Wincy Glass N Design, LLC

Fall Hand Painted Wine Glasses

$ 175.00
The Fall Hand Painted Wine Glasses are aglow with the warm hues of reds, oranges, browns and golden yellows masterfully rendered by nature's hand. A feast for the senses, fall reminds us of another year's passing, a time to reflect, celebrate and give thanks.

Great for the Season and Thanksgiving! These hand painted glasses are a real beauty as the design is light and airy with a translucent stain glass effect.

Made in the USA, and 100% hand painted using a non-toxic high-quality glass paint then fired for durability.  Hand wash only.

It bears the artist signature of authenticity.

Product Dimensions: Height 9", Volume 19 oz.

Gift ideas: hostess gift, thanksgiving gift, holiday gift, bridal gift, wedding gift, every day, housewarming gift, birthday or anniversary gift.

Each glass is lovingly hand painted by the Artist and is "made to order". Ships in 2 - 5 days

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I report Copyright Infringement. Please do not copy my work in any form or ask another artist to, this is illegal. Thank you kindly, for appreciating and valuing my creative works.

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