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Wincy Couture - Custom Designer Glassware

Wincy Couture custom hand painted glassware

Are you having a vintage, wine country, garden or destination wedding/event?  Which ever style it may be, you can be assured that you will find your authentic style right here. A Wincy Glass 'N Design, LLC takes pride in ensuring that your unique style is captured and reflected in bespoke custom hand painted wine glasses on your special day.

It all starts with you, express your unique style based on you wedding/event theme by filling out the form on the contact us page. Wincilla will review your email and then contact you to discuss any additional information.  After collaborating with Wincilla the process is as follows:

  • There is a one-time custom design fee  for one custom design (the custom design can be applied to one or more pieces). This is paid in advance of the design.  If additional designs are requested an additional fee will apply.  

  • Your design is then sketched to capture your unique style for your special event. It will then be emailed for your approval.

  • Once the design has been approved you will be required to purchase the desired custom hand painted glassware before the design is hand painted unto the glass.

  • The design will then be hand painted unto the custom hand painted glassware you selected.  This is a complex process as the glass paint is layered unto the glassware and allowed to dry before applying each additional layer.  Once painting is completed the glassware is dried for an additional 24 hours, then fired to allow permanent adhesion of paint to glass. 

  • A photograph of the finished work is emailed to you.  The order is then securely packed and shipped to you via USPS Priority mail.  Shipment is insured and should arrive 2-3 days from date of shipping.

Please see FAQ for established delivery time frame.


Wincy Couture Portfolio - a lookbook featuring custom hand painted glassware designed for past clients.

Below are a selection of hand painted glasses which were requested by various clients. I was able to design these custom wine glasses and other hand painted gifts after careful collaboration with each client. Take a look and then let me help you create lasting memories either with personalized wine glasses or some other hand painted glassware.