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A Wincy Glass N' Design

Shopaholic Hand Painted Wine Glass - 1 Wine Glass

$ 85.00

The shopaholic - she just loves to shop, there's no stopping her. This shopaholic hand painted girlfriend wine glass is the perfect gift for her.

It features an excited shopper clutching her shopping bags painted in rich jewel tones. This hand painted wine glass is a real beauty with a finish like a stained glass effect.

Made in the USA, and 100% hand painted using a non-toxic high-quality glass paint then fired for durability.  Hand wash only.

It bears the artist signature of authenticity.

Product Dimensions: Height 8.5", Volume 19 oz.

Gift ideas:just girlfriends gift, bridal party gift, bridesmaids wine glass, birthday wine glass, birthday gift.

Each glass is lovingly hand painted by Wincy with great detail and is "made to order".   Ships in 2-5 business days.

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