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DIY Weddings - Create Your Own Wedding Glasses for Spring

Wincilla Edwards Wedding Ideas


Today I'm sharing with you, my hottest YouTube Video. it has over 42,000-lifetime views and 605 views within the last month.  

I created this video over 5 years ago when I first started to blog.  Most of my blog post featured my custom hand painted glassware.  But, at the time, the Do-It-Yourself Wedding trend, had taken off in popularity.  So I created a video to help couples showcase their creativity.  The design is a quite simple and most should have little difficulty in recreating the design. I think the daisies would be a great addition to your spring wedding. Remember you can change the colors used to match your wedding colors.

You also get to see me as my most authentic self Antiguan accent and all.  I'm a "Wadadli Girl!" Thats the Siboney name for Antigua, a small little island in the Caribbean, where land and sea makes beauty.  I'll tell you some more about it another time.  


Below is a photo of the completed glasses.  As I stated this was done over 5 years ago. My design style have evolved to a more illustrative style and I now use paints that are bright and transparent.  This style achieves the aim, of making the design easy and simple for the DIY bride.


Don't forget I love comments.  Happy viewing!


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