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A Flower For Mom From My Glass Garden

Wincilla Edwards Custom Wine Glasses

As a custom glassware designer, many mothers have received a flower from my glass garden. It's the next best thing to receiving fresh flowers.  In today's post, I'll feature some of the custom hand painted glasses I've done for Mother's Day.  I'll also explore the why of flowers for Mother's Day.


I'm sure you have noticed that Mother's Day and flowers are somehow intertwined. That most quotes and expression about mothers have floral decorations. Not only that but flowers often are the go-to gift for Mother's Day.  Actually, this is no accidental occurrence.  At the first official Mother's Day service in 1908, the mothers received white carnations.  Miss Ann Jarvis, the Mother's Day Trailblazer, selected them because her mother favoured them.  She favoured the white carnations because they symbolized the virtues of motherhood. Virtues such as:

  • It's whiteness for purity. 
  • Its lasting qualities for faithfulness.
  • It's fragrance for love. 
  • Its wide field of growth for charity 
  • Its form for beauty.

Today, society have moved away from the white carnation and have opted for other types of flowers. 

Flowers From My Glass Garden - Custom Wine Glasses



Calla_Lilies_For_Serita_Custom_Wine_GlassMy Glass Garden has many other flowers, and you can order one for your mother, this Mother's Day.

I leave you with this popular Mother's Day quote.

"If Mother's were flowers I'd pick you."

Tell us in the comments below what type of flowers you'd pick for your Mom.


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