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DIY Weddings - Create Your Own Wedding Glasses for Spring

Wincilla Edwards Wedding Ideas



Today I'm sharing with you, my hottest YouTube Video. it has over 42,000-lifetime views and 605 views within the last...

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Creating A Buzz with Perfume And Paint

Wincilla Edwards Decorative Perfume Bottles Experiential Marketing InStore Fragrance Bottle Painting


As a decorative glass painter, my favorite thing to do is personalizing perfume bottles. I especially love the buzz of excitement and energy it creates. Along with...

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Spring, Fashion and Butterflies

Wincilla Edwards Fashion Home Decor Fashionista


Spring is in the air, and I await it with anticipation. I relish fresh green foliage and scented blooms. Combined with the rhythmic dance of colorful enchanting...

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Have a Heartfelt Hydrangea Wedding

Wincilla Edwards Wedding Ideas

Hydrangea Wedding Inspiration

The Hydrangea – this bold yet delicate beauty has varied meanings, but the ones that capture my heart are friendship, devotion, perseverance, understanding, and...

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Lights, Camera, Action – Hollywood Theme Hand Painted Wine Glass

Wincilla Edwards Custom Wine Glasses


Vinette from Viginia turns 50, but its not no – over the hill for her – oh No! It’s her time to shine – she’s the star. So I’m commissioned by a friend to ‘direct’ from...

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