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Lights, Camera, Action – Hollywood Theme Hand Painted Wine Glass

Wincilla Edwards Custom Wine Glasses

Vinette from Virginia turns 50, but it's not no – over the hill for her – oh No! It’s her time to shine – she’s the star. So I’m commissioned by a friend, to ‘direct’ from the sidelines, and ‘produce’ a ‘supporting‘ hand painted wine glass, worthy of Hollywood.


With cameras rolling I jumped to the role and designed a custom hand painted wine glass that features a movie camera beaming rays of light with the phrase '50th birthday'. The zero is in the shape and form of a film reel with the base of glass bearing a red carpet rolled out with Vinette’s name.

Here she is in her supporting role as ‘Hollywood Themed 50th Birthday Hand Painted Wine Glass’.



So there you have it, Lights, Camera, Action!

Share with us your thoughts and inspirations on how you would design your 50th birthday hand painted wine glass. Cut!


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