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Have a Heartfelt Hydrangea Wedding

Wincilla Edwards Wedding Ideas

The Hydrangea – this bold yet delicate beauty has varied meanings, but the ones that capture my heart are friendship, devotion, perseverance, understanding, and heartfelt emotion. It’s meaning to me epitomizes the attributes of a great marriage.

Look at the ”love birds” sharing a warm and tender heartfelt moment. How cute! These “hydrangea sculptures” will be a knockout. Perched on the tables at a romantic garden wedding.

“The wedding cake” radiates with the soft delicacy of the hydrangea’s petals. What quiet elegance!

Take a close look at “the hydrangea” hand painted wine glasses, “the decadent hydrangea sculpted cupcakes”… and become inspired.


So have yourself a “Heartfelt Hydrangea Wedding Day” as lavish as it’s rounded shape, and a long life filled with love as abundant as it’s petals.

Have other interesting ideas on how to have a heartfelt hydrangea wedding? Share with us in the comments below.

Photo Credit: love chicks - Preston Bailey, invitation - Momental Designs, cake - Zoe Clark Cakes, bridesmaids bouquets - The French Bouquet, hand painted wine glasses - A Wincy Glass 'N Design, LLC, centerpiece - Clark & Walker, cupcakes - Sweetopia, garland -



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