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Nostalgic Vintage Wedding Charm

Wincilla Edwards Wedding Ideas

Nostalgia for the good old days has seen an emergence for all things vintage in the wedding arena. True vintage wedding celebrations can be quite expensive. But don’t fear, your dreams can be realized. Just lace it up!


Lace can give anything a vintage touch. You can make your day, special too. By imitating your dress lace pattern. In your wedding cake, and hand painted champagne flutes. By adding lace trimmings to your wedding invitations. And incorporating old rose pattern china from your flea market hunts, into your table-setting.

Have other creative ideas, of how to create a wedding with nostalgic vintage charm? Share with us, we'd like to know.

Photo Credits:  invitations - B Studios Wedding Invitations; dress - Jessica Claire; cake - Peggy Porschen Cakestable setting - Photography by Marie Labbancz of Art of Love via The Bride's Cafe; hand painted wedding glasses - A Wincy Glass 'N Design, LLC


Shop the White Vintage Rose Hand Painted Champagne Flute 


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