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Creative And Artistic Peacock Wedding Splendor Ideas

Wincilla Edwards Wedding Ideas

Oh, the splendor of the Peacock Wedding! The peacock has taken the wedding industry by storm. With its distinctive eye patterned regal tail feathers and incandescent blues and greens. It’s not just it’s physical beauty that enraptures. But it’s significance of being loyal and faithful to its partner. According to mythology, the Peacock dies of grief if it loses its partner. That’s some powerful love! It’s significance in love. And it’s splendor. Are why the Peacock Wedding remains year after year.

So if you are as enchanted as we all are with the splendor of the Peacock. Here are some creative and artistic inspirations.


Creative & Artist Peacock Wedding Inspirations

  • I love the whimsy of this peacock feather invite by Momental Designs.
  • This french birdcage veil by Feather Funded. Is a great way for the bride to incorporate the peacock theme, in her attire.
  • Isn’t that custom peacock hand painted wedding shoes by Figgie Shoes a stunner?
  • Love, love the sophistication and poise of these bridesmaids. With their peacock feathered fans as opposed to flowers. Just Elegant! Courtesy of The Knot
  • How about the rich splendor of the peacock feathers in this tablescape. Courtesy of Hostess With The Mostess?
  • I love this cake…it exudes elegance and grace, there is no loud and over the top there. Just distinctive charm. Courtesy of WeddingWire
  • And of course, you must have a toast with these glasses by  A Wincy Glass N’ Design.  To bring in all that the peacock symbolizes. Integrity, guidance, protection, showing your true colors, “a walk of faith”. Just to name a few.

Share your thoughts on this trending wedding theme. Are you enraptured by the Peacock Wedding Splendor? Let us know in the comments below.


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